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Wish to have Bright Future from our End
Sargodha Cloth Processing Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is a growing industry so we always need for a competitive people to be our part to make this enterprise a leading Industry, And to have a good penetration in the local market and as well as in the Export market. We provide a very good working environment where one can implement their ideas or can polish ones abilities to have a good future life. We are all a team of professionals, work hard round the clock.
When we have vacancies we publish it in local news paper and as well as on our company website. Please feel free to send your resume to our Human Resource Department at the under given email address. We keep all of your given data in secured hands and whenever we have vacancies we will contact you through your given contact details.

Al Right Reserver IT Team SargodhaCloth Processing Industries (PVT.) Ltd.
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