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We believe that Sargodha Cloth Processing Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is where it is today because of its employees. That is why we feel that an employee who is well taken care of and has job security can perform better. To achieve these results we offer lots of benefits to our employees.
Special Eid Packages
Employees are invited to our annual Eid Milan Parties. Refreshments and delicious snacks are served that day. Eid gifts are also given to all of the employees.
We honor the Special awards of excellencies for those who are committed to their work and perform Exceptionally and superceding. Gifts are also given for all of our Employees two times in year. It consists of Clothes or many other utility packages.
We offer holidays for all of our staff as per allowed by labour laws. The holidays are Eid Days, Independence Day, Labor Day, and all the gazetted holidays.
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